Documentary Wedding

Hochzeitsfotos Steinbachhof

Wedding Steinbachhof Vaihingen


A wonderful summer wedding with barn flair. The Alice in Wonderland wedding by Kati + Sam on the Steinbachhof in Vaihingen planned with great attention to detail and long-term.

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Wedding Goldbergwerk Fellbach


Industrial Princess – that is possible. But clearly. Jenny + Enzo’s wedding took place in the castle church in Ludwigsburg, the celebration im Goldbergwerk in Fellbach, a mixture of castle and industrial flair in one day.

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Wedding Castle Kronberg


Romantic castle wedding in the enchanting Schlosshotel Kronberg in Taunus. Those who love fairy tales will be enchanted by this castle wedding. To document a wedding at this location was a dream come true for me as a filmmaker. On top of it the speeches of the Groomsman, you have to watch!

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Wedding Gourmet Berner


Wonderful tradidional without being dusty, with a dash of  romance and lightness, Doris and Philipp married very stylishly and exuberantly at Gourmet Berner in Weinstadt. I was allowed to be there!


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Wedding Castle Neuhaus Sinsheim


Romantic castle wedding in the forest. Wedding at Neuhaus Castle near Sinsheim with a touch of Paris. When true princesses marry, it must look like this, the fairytale wedding of Beatrice + Mathieu at Neuhaus Castle.

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Wedding Hofgut von Hünersdorff


A wonderful autumn wedding in one of the most beautiful locations in the Taunus. Weddings with romantic barn flair at Hofgut von Hünersdorff in Wörth am Main. The emotional wedding of Magda + Felix!

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Wedding Castle Neuhaus Sinsheim


A summer wedding in the forest. Meike + Fabian said yes in a romantic forest setting. An outdoor wedding and baptism of the son of the two with many animal guests.

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Wedding Waldhotel St. Moritz


Romantic mountain wedding in St. Moritz. In love with the mountain scenery of Switzerland, there was only one place where Melanie and Christopher’s wedding could take place, the Waldhotel in St. Moritz.

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